Signal 99 - 555 Sunflower Drive
By Mattydale Fire Department
December 18, 2023

At 12:19hrs, Liverpool, in collaboration with mutual aid units, responded to a reported house fire at 555 Sunflower Dr in the Station 2 response area. This incident showcased the exceptional coordination and efficiency of the emergency response teams. Engine 2, stationed in quarters, swiftly mobilized upon dispatch. Car 4, the first on the scene, observed a 2-Story townhouse with smoke emanating from the second-floor roof line and promptly assumed Liverpool Command.

Within just over 4 minutes, Engine 2, the first due engine, adeptly secured a water supply and deployed a 1 3/4 hose line to combat the fire on the second floor. The efficient actions of the team resulted in a rapid knockdown of the flames. Car 1 arrived to assume operational command, ensuring seamless coordination.

Mattydale Truck 3, the first due Truck, conducted thorough searches, yielding negative results. The presence of well-staffed crews in-house, along with the assistance of like-minded mutual aid companies such as Liverpool Truck 2, Moyers Corners R4 / E31, Solvay E11, Fairmount E5, and North Syracuse E6, played a crucial role in minimizing damage and preventing the spread of fire to the remainder of the residence and the attached townhome.

Fortunately, no injuries to civilians or fire personnel were reported. The cause of the incident is currently under investigation by the Onondaga County FIU. Lakeside, Northwest, and East Syracuse Fire Departments provided coverage move-ups to Liverpool stations, ensuring continued service delivery. AMR Ambulance and the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office also responded, contributing to the comprehensive and effective emergency response.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to all who played a role in this successful operation, showcasing the dedication and collaboration of the emergency response community.